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Join Raffi and educator Kristin Wiens in a compassion revolution. Based on Raffi’s Covenant For Honouring Children and its 9 principles, this is an interdisciplinary course in conscious living. Take the course to embrace Child Honouring and make it part of your life.

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Raffi's Motivational Songs - A special thank you and gift for those who have completed the course!

All those who have completed the course will receive a free download of a digital copy of Raffi's uniquely new album, Motivational Songs. This 22 song album — aimed at educators, beluga grads, parents, and policy makers — is a companion piece to the online course.

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What people are saying ABOUT THE COURSE!


~ Nikki Rung, Children’s Entertaine

“My initial intent for taking this course was to hopefully influence myself in the choices I make as a children’s entertainer; what I didn’t expect was for the meaningful and impactful concepts that were covered to affect me as a person, as a whole.

Each module brought an opportunity for me to reflect, engage, and plan on what it means to be a Changemaker and how I, as one solitary individual, can help to turn our world around.

Raffi said “Child Honouring is about nothing less than redesigning society for the greatest good by meeting the priority needs of the very young.”  For, as it was unequivocally demonstrated throughout the course, what is good for the earth and good for the child, is good for humankind.”

~Leesa McGregor, Parent, Author of A New Alphabet For Humanity

“The Raffi Foundation online course in Child Honouring is by far the most comprehensive and insightful information on parenting I’ve ever come across.

This course shares the best research and findings on child psychology, neuroscience, conscious parenting and most importantly, it teaches us how to raise our children in a way that is loving and respectful, so that they realise their fullest potential while we do our part to make a difference and positively impact our communities and the world.

The learning and insights I gained from this course has been life changing. What I learned touched my heart in the deepest of ways. I highly recommend the Child Honouring course for every parent and childhood educator. I’m recommending it to all the mothers in my life! ”

~Lindsay Munroe, Parent of Three, Children’s Musician ~ ‘I Am Kind’ album

“Taking the online Child Honouring course is one of the most meaningful things I’ve done for myself, my children, my community and society.

When I first read about Child Honouring it deeply resonated with me and touched my heart.  I was inspired to live more consciously and do my part to create a more peaceful society; one which honours Earth and child.  But I wondered, where do I begin?  This course answers that and more. One of the most useful things was the “take action” segment of each module.  It empowered me to be an effective changemaker, with real tools that will make a lasting impact and benefit my family and society.

The course is so thorough and its concepts are life changing.  Links, TED talks, articles, and abundant resources are available in each module.  I love that the course is self-paced.  I’m a busy Mom of three children who all have Autism.  I was able to save my progress and come back to where I left off at any time.  The design of the course is so well done and easy to use—even on my phone.  The content so engaging and its vision is profound, connecting person, culture, and planet with the child at its heart.

I thoroughly enjoyed Raffi’s Motivational Songs album which is a companion to the course.  The songs embody child honouring principles.  It’s wonderful to have music that inspires and lifts us up as we consciously live to co-create a more loving, kind, respectful world.

This course is not just for parents, it’s important for all of us.  In order for a societal shift to really turn this world around, we need everybody: parents, educators, community members and policy makers.  It truly does take a village.  I’m grateful for this course. I finished it with a full heart, inspired and empowered.”

~ Sarah Moore, Positive Parenting Educator

“Raffi’s Child Honouring course is the most comprehensive, intelligent, fact-based teaching I’ve seen in any single venue…I’d gladly trade many of the best parenting books I’ve read for this single, comprehensive course. I don’t suggest that lightly…The information isn’t purely cerebral: it’s downright practical and actionable.”

Click here to listen to Sarah Moore’s Course Testimonial!

Click here to read Sarah’s thoughtful and heartfelt blog!

~ Kristin Parone M. Ed. Reading Specialist, Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner 

“While it is true that there are many things that influence the evolution of the world that we live in—nothing has a more lasting impact than how we view, parent, love, and educate the young child. A child that grows up in a safe environment filled with love, compassion, and respect has the tools, in turn, to help create a more humane world.  Similarly, a child attending a preschool environment that nurtures a caring community where diverse learners are valued, leads to the same end—a better world. The first critical years of a child’s life—whether at home or at school—set the course for a child’s life, and in turn where we are headed as a society. For this critical journey, we need a charted course through the rough waters of an ever-changing world. As an educator, I have found that path through the Raffi Foundation’s course in Child Honoring. Respectful love, conscious parenting, emotional intelligence, safe environments, caring community, and diversity are pillars that help to light the way for parents and educators as they navigate the terrain of raising the next generation. Additionally, the course helps to expand the lens from the child, family, and school—outward to the community at large and the planet that we all share. Sustainability, ethical commerce, and nonviolence round out the course and widen the lens. As an educator, teacher, mom, and grandmother, I believe that Raffi’s course in Child Honoring should be part of every parent and educator’s repertoire. They say that there isn’t a ‘manual’ on how to raise children—I say that this course is a great start!”

~ Kristin Parone M. Ed. CAGS

“While it is true that there are many things that influence the evolution of the world that we live in—nothing has a more lasting impact than how we view, parent, love, and educate the young child. As an educator, teacher, mom, and grandmother, I believe that Raffi’s online course in Child Honoring should be part of every parent and educator’s repertoire’.

~ Kristin RedekopParent and EA Student

“I completed the course and loved it beyond what I could say! There is a lot to dig into, great messages and content. I was able to navigate, assess and make plans to teach and guide myself, family and community to live more consciously.”

~ Budd L. Hall, PhD Professor Emeritus, Co-UNESCO Chair, Higher Education University of Victoria 

“A beautifully designed platform.  A lot of love and creative talent has gone into this online course in Child Honouring – philosophy for the re-enchantment of our world”


Here’s what the course will cover:

A Covenant for Honouring Children

Learn about the covenant and its 9 principles for conscious living.

Respectful Love

Learn how to apply this principle for parents, caregivers and the whole community.


Learn how to introduce children to diversity and biodiversity.

Caring Community

Learn how the community can affect the lives of its children.

Conscious Parenting

Learn strategies to bring emotional awareness into parenting.

Emotional Intelligence

Teach children about compassion and emotional management.


Learn about a commitment to living with compassion.

Safe Environments

Learn ways to keep children safe from toxic influences and substances.


Learn what sustainability means and how to support sustainable societies.

Ethical Commerce

Learn how we can create an ethical restorative economy.