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During this time, it’s apparent more than ever, that protecting our mental health should be a top priority, especially for our children. Even before this epidemic hit the country, The Child Mind Institute reported that 31.9% of adolescents in the U.S. will meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder by the time they reach the age of 18.

However, there are steps that we can take to combat anxiety, phobias and panic. The first step in addressing anxiety in children is making parents aware of the physical effects anxiety has such as feeling distressed, frustrated, anxious or angry.

When these are identified, parents, guardians and children can start implementing relaxation techniques in their daily lives. The use of relaxation goes back more than 100 years. Any relaxation method that helps slow down a child’s breathing and reduce tension is helpful in reducing anxiety.

It is important for parents and guardians to learn how to spot children who are feeling stress and anxiety, but the most effective way to attack the problem is by teaching children how to recognize the symptoms themselves as they begin to experience them. This will allow children to use these techniques before anxiety and stress cause problems.

Here are some relaxation techniques to try with your children at home.

  • -Deep breathing exercises
  • -Meditation
  • -Yoga
  • -Light Exercise
  • -Guided Imagery
  • -Drawing or Coloring

Check out this guide from Regis College to learn more about how relaxation and various exercises can help relieve stress and anxiety in your children.

April 7, 2020 Uncategorized