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Respect for the child as a whole person has always been at the heart of Raffi’s music career. After decades of inquiry into what children need to thrive, his work evolved into a vision of a world that would respect its young, through a Child Honouring ethic. This Earth Day, the Raffi Foundation is pleased to share the following resources:

Message from Raffi 

Become a Changemaker this Earth Day! 

“The Raffi Foundation’s online course in Child Honouring is informative, uplifting and an excellent portal for becoming a changemaker. For a fun and refreshing reset, personal and professional, take this online course in Child Honouring. It will make a world of difference.”  – Raffi 


The interdisciplinary, self-paced course highlights Raffi’s Covenant For Honouring Children and its 9 principles for conscious living, including Safe Environments, Sustainability and Ethical Commerce. Created by Raffi and educator Kristin Wiens, this is an engaging course with extended video and reading resources. BONUS: all registrants receive Raffi’s Motivational Songs album, a companion to the course, as well as a Certificate of Completion.

Sustainability Videos 

In addition to the resources above, short videos featuring Raffi and Kristin Wiens are also available on the topic of Sustainability:

Click below to view Raffi discuss sustainability in the online course module:

As many of us are working remotely this may be a good opportunity to acquire professional development hours and stay engaged with one’s work team. 
To learn more about the course and register today please visit:


Earth Songs – Raffi Retrospective

To mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Raffi has released a retrospective video compilation of “Earth Songs” he has written and recorded during the 40 years since the release of his classic song and album, Baby Beluga.

The 14 minute video includes many of Raffi’s songs of advocacy for children and the Earth, from “Baby Beluga” and “One Light One Sun” to his recent climate songs, “Young People Marching” and “Do We Love Enough.”

This video can be an age-appropriate learning tool for parents and teachers to use when engaging with students online. Raffi says, “Let’s get singing and take action! This year, Earth Day brings unprecedented survival challenges, both in a lethal global pandemic and in the threat of turbulent futures unless we move heaven and Earth to stabilize global climate. To come through the pandemic well, we must engage a WW2 style climate mobilization to transform industry from polluting life-destroying activities to Green New Deal initiatives that decarbonize society and protect our children from existential danger.”



Click below to read Raffi’s Essay:  The Climate Decade And WW3 – Ten Years To Secure The Future

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