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Stream Lindsay Munroe’s I Am Kind  on Spotify by clicking the album cover above.

Raffi’s Troubadour Music Releases Lindsay Munroe’s First Kids’ Album,

I Am Kind

Raffi’s warm harmonies enhance this uplifting album for the whole family, available digitally today.

Sing along with Lindsay Munroe on her video “I Am Kind” (featuring Raffi) 

“This music is so welcoming, calming and catchy….
I loved this album right away.”
 A Nation of Moms

“Endearing and noteworthy.”  Playtime Playlist 

“A new voice on the kindie scene.” – Toy Insider

Raffi’s label, Troubadour Music, announces the release of I Am Kind by an exciting new artist: Lindsay Munroe. Imbued with joy and a deep respect for children, these 16 songs offer encouragement with sparkling simplicity. Raffi’s voice adds to the charm of this all-ages inclusive album, which will be released on digital platforms on April 24th via Craft Recordings in the US. Today, fans may also pre-order the CD version of I Am Kind, to be released on June 12th, 2020.

This is the first Troubadour album featuring an artist other than Raffi in decades. Munroe is a lifelong fan of Raffi’s music. In June 2019, she and her youngest daughter attended Raffi’s concert in Worcester, MA. Meeting Raffi backstage, Lindsay was delighted when he said he was a fan of her “Sing-Along with Lindsay”  videos on YouTube. Over time, Raffi enjoyed hearing Lindsay’s original children’s songs, inspired by her own kids, and he suggested that she record an album.  She agreed and was thrilled when Raffi offered to produce it.

Raffi suggested that Munroe’s album include children’s classics like “This Little Light of Mine” and “Frère Jacques,” as well as Raffi’s own signature tunes “The More We Get Together” and “De Colores.” Munroe’s love of traditional folk music is reflected in the tracks “Peace Like a River” and “Bluebird Bluebird.” Raffi’s familiar voice and his playing (guitar, ukulele, electric piano, bongos, and train whistle) enrich this album, and the energetic voices of Munroe’s three children add to the feeling of joining a sing-along with family and friends. Raffi says that Munroe “brings traditional songs to life with charm and a calm energy, just right for kids.”

Munroe is a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion, whose sing-along sessions delight youngsters at libraries and preschools near her home in Massachusetts. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist and mother of three children with autism, she found inspiration in the Raffi Foundation’s online course in Child Honouring. Her songs reflect the Child Honouring principles of Respectful Love, Diversity, Caring Community, Emotional Intelligence, and Nonviolence.

Indeed, positivity and hope exude the title track “I Am Kind” and “Every One of Us Belongs.”  With her golden voice and sing-along melodies, Munroe offers both inspiration and practical tools for all children, including those who are neurodiverse.

Research shows that music can help people with autism to improve skills in areas such as communication, sensory issues, behavior, cognition, perceptual/motor skills, and self-reliance. Deeply sensitive to special needs children, Munroe speaks directly to those who may need a little encouragement. As Raffi notes, songs such as “Ok to Make Mistakes” and “Waiting Nicely” are “positive affirmations that kids can internalize for those times they might need a melodic reminder that they are indeed capable people. With the current emphasis in education on social and emotional learning and on inclusion, Lindsay’s songs are a gift to the emotional intelligence in the social and playful learning of children in their early years.”

“Kindness Counts” is this year’s theme for Autism Awareness Month, and at a time when warm-heartedness is needed more than ever, I Am Kind strikes just the right notes. “I am happy to contribute something to the world during these trying times,” says Munroe. “I hope that all families, especially those with neurodiverse kids, can feel inspired and uplifted by these songs.”

Starting on Saturday, April 25th, Lindsay will publish colorful and kid-friendly activity guides to go along with each song. Visit for the album news, and for the latest Raffi updates.

I Am Kind  track list

I Am Kind
Little Red Caboose

The More We Get Together
This Little Light
De Colores
Something Good
Waiting Nicely
Peace Like A River
Ask For Help
OK To Make Mistakes
Frère Jacques
Bluebird Bluebird
Every One Of Us Belongs
Problem Solvers
I Can Try New Things

April 24, 2020 News