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Black Lives Matter To Me

Exciting release day! “Black Lives Matter to Me”, Raffi’s new original song acknowledges the importance of the current moment for education and awareness, and expresses a universal longing for justice and freedom. Features harmonies with rising children’s music artist, Lindsay Munroe. Click here to listen.#BlackLivesMatter #ChildHonouring #BlackLivesMatterToMe

Posted by Raffi on Thursday, September 17, 2020

A message from Raffi:

“We have a historic opportunity to heal the wounds of racism and injustice. In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, I wrote this as a song that people everywhere might sing, citing Martin Luther King’s stirring words, “let freedom ring.” My music repertoire has included many songs of universal love and my foundation’s Child Honouring philosophy has Diversity as a key principle. Still, not all people face the ongoing discrimination that black people continue to endure. As a long-time MLK admirer, I’m honoured to pay tribute to his legacy in song. May his words ring far and wide and inspire children like he inspired me.”

Written and produced by Raffi, the recording features harmonies with rising children’s music artist, Lindsay Munroe. The lyrics express a universal longing for freedom and justice. The idea for the song came to Raffi in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, and continued to grow along with the peaceful protests against unwarranted police violence since then.

Professor and author Rekha S. Rajan, nationally renowned music educator and arts advocate says, “For decades, Raffi’s songs have helped children understand the world around them.  With his newest song, “Black Lives Matter to Me,” Raffi translates one of the most important movements in our history into an accessible, meaningful song for listeners of any age.”

CNN journalist and author W. Kamau Bell says, “Raffi has once again created a song that is perfect for kids but also necessary for adults. And in typical Raffi fashion, no matter how deep the message, you’ll be singing and humming it all day.  This is a truly beautiful song.”

Raffi has long been writing songs based on diverse global themes, including his 1994 song “First Peoples,” 2001’s “Turn This World Around,” inspired by and first performed live for Nelson Mandela, and “Green Dream” — a joyous, vibrant anthem for a green future.  “Young People Marching” was written in gratitude to Greta Thunberg, and highlights the passion and energy of young people in awakening adults to do their duty to stabilize our climate.


September 16, 2020 News