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Raffi has created a stunning new song about the power of love to help us heal from trauma.  “Song For Healing” was inspired by the ground-breaking research of Dr. Gabor Maté into childhood trauma and healing.  Humanity and the planet are suffering as a result of a lack of understanding about trauma and its root causes.

“Song For Healing” and its video debuted as part of the premiere of a new film about Maté and his work, The Wisdom of Trauma.  Dr. Maté’s live interview with Raffi (including the new video) can be seen HERE.

Gabor Maté, a distinguished physician and bestselling author, is highly sought after on a range of topics including addiction, stress, and childhood trauma and development.  Rather than offering quick-fix solutions to these complex issues, Dr. Maté weaves together scientific research, case histories, and his own insights and experiences to present a broad perspective that enlightens and empowers people to promote their own healing and that of those around them.

Written and produced by Raffi, “Song for Healing” highlights Raffi’s advocacy work with his Raffi Foundation for Child Honouring and the primacy of respectful love in the formative early years of life. Lindsay Munroe, a rising children’s music artist whose initial album, I Am Kind, has been highly praised, lends her beautiful voice in unison and harmony. 


June 16, 2021 News