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Join a global movement for honouring children!

Course Price: $125 (CAD)
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This is an interdisciplinary course with 10 modules of multi-media content including videos, interactive activities, distinguished guests, and Raffi’s insights and music. Educator Kristin Wiens and Raffi take you through the Covenant For Honouring Children and its 9 principles for conscious living.

In addition to the multi-media modules, you'll also receive:

  • A robust list of resources provided for each module

  • A companion workbook to guide you, help you remember and apply what you’ve learned

  • Suggestions of how to use the Covenant for Honouring Children in the classroom and the community

This is a self-paced course, there’s no time limit to complete. Plus it’s convenient, you can access at any time on any device. By focusing on one module at a time you will be able to fully absorb the material and practice in your everyday life.

What people are saying

“This course is really amazing, I’m recommending it to all my fellow teachers and friends. Thank you for inspiring all of us!”

~ Jasmin Aurora

“If you have kids or work with them as a teacher, coach, or community worker, invest in yourself and sign up for the course in Child Honouring. It’s not just a parenting course. This is the ultimate sustainability course.”

~ Rachel C. Yeakley

“The online course in Child Honouring is invaluable and, if mandatory, has the opportunity to change education so that it continues to be a path of miracles.”

~ Elementary School VP

“Taking the online Child Honouring course is one of the most meaningful things I’ve done for myself, my children, my community and society.”

~Lindsay Dodd, Parent of Three

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A special thank you!

All those taking the course will receive a free download of a digital copy of Raffi's uniquely new album, Motivational Songs. This 22 song album — aimed at educators, beluga grads, parents, and policy makers — is a companion piece to the online course.

Raffi Motivational Songs